The expert in anything was once a beginner.

– Helen Hayes

Your financial partner for life


Created for current undergraduate students who are considering a career in investment management, our internship offers insight into how the business works, along with hands-on practical experience. Spend your summer with our financial experts learning what it takes to offer first-class service and get started on your path to becoming a wealth planner or financial advisor.

Throughout this program, you'll learn about our business and the clients we serve, while building your own expertise. You'll have what you need to succeed – from training and mentorship from senior leaders to projects that engage and develop your skills. Top performers may receive a full-time offer at the end of the summer.

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The Details

What do I learn?

What do I learn?

Our annual internship program exemplifies our commitment to developing the next generation of financial professionals. It also provides our existing staff an opportunity to mentor interns, leveraging their experience to aid in the personal and professional growth of selected candidates. Our 12 week paid program is designed to help individuals find their niche in the world of finance.


  • Mentorship by hand-selected staff members to ensure a high quality learning experience.
  • Real world financial experience.
  • Differentiation from others seeking to enter the field.
  • Experience with the entire planning process: business development to implementation.
  • Educational opportunities to develop and sharpen knowledge in topics such as:
    • Economic Indicators (Consumer Price Index, Interest Rates, etc.).
    • Valuation Metrics (Shiller P/E, Price to Book, etc.).
    • Portfolio Management (Asset Allocation, Risk Tolerance, etc.).
    • Performance Measurements (Total Return Formula).
    • Holistic Planning (Retirement, Estate, Tax, Insurance, etc.).

What do I experience?

What do I experience?

In order to provide a valuable, worthwhile experience while also increasing the probability of retention, we aim to provide our interns with the following:

  • Taste of our culture – we want interns to feel comfortable, to know that their opinions are valued, and feel empowered to make meaningful contributions to the organization.
  • Collaborative work environment – we want interns to touch multiple departments and aspects of our business in order to truly see how HFG operates and delivers value to clients.
  • Professional development – interns gain exposure to Certified Financial Planners™, experience what it means to be in private wealth management, and gain technical financial planning skills.
  • Networking opportunities – a single successful networking or mentoring relationship can be powerful enough to make a six-month internship a completely worthwhile endeavor.
  • Real world experience – we give interns the opportunity to take on “real life” projects, have responsibility and accountability, as well as give them the chance to make on impact on how our firm positions itself in the marketplace.
  • Feedback – we provide clear expectations, constructive feedback, and transparent performance evaluations.

What do I need to start?

What do I need to start?

Our goal of becoming our clients’ “Financial Partner for Life” requires an insatiable desire to provide world-class customer service and an unparalleled client experience. This requires continuous education and application of sound financial advice by each of our staff members. Our interns must also exemplify this mindset, with the willingness to continuously learn, absorb, and apply new information. We are looking for high-energy, humble, and fiduciary-minded candidates who fit this mold.

Additional requirements are:

  • Resume.
  • Transcript.
  • One letter of recommendation.
  • Two references.
  • Writing sample on a topic determined by our Internship Committee.
  • Have obtained or are pursuing (Junior status or higher) a degree in finance, accounting, or economics.
  • Minimum grade point average of 3.0 with a 3.2 or higher grade point average in major related courses (applicants can attach an explanation if they don’t meet this criterion).
  • Ability and willingness to relocate for internship at the HFG Trust headquarters for 12 weeks.