October 16,

The Future of Personal Information Security

There have been many discussions of late regarding the Equifax data breach which affected every American adult. Both high-profile data breaches and day-to-day cases of individual identity theft are becoming far too routine. Can anything be done to stem the tide? There is both good and bad news on that front.   A combination of both new and old technologies exist today with the potential to end unauthorized access to your personal information. However, major changes are needed in... Read More

September 29,

Is your Identity Safe?

Identity Theft: What to know and what to do. What is Identity Theft? Identity theft happens when someone steals your personal information and uses it without your permission. Identity theft is a serious crime. It can disrupt your finances, credit history, and reputation. If identity theft happens to you, it can take time, money, and patience to resolve. Identity thieves might: Go through trash cans and dumpsters, stealing bills and documents that have sensitive... Read More

September 22,

2018 Forecast for Social Security and Medicare Recipients (Hold Harmless Provision)

The Good News: We are expecting the largest Social Security Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) next year since 2012 (announced in 2011.) The Bad News: For many, higher Medicare Part B premiums will eclipse a large portion of their raise. The official word regarding the COLA will come out in October. The forecast looks to be 2.2%. Roughly 70 percent of the Medicare population is enrolled in both Social Security and Medicare and qualifies for the hold harmless provision. For these... Read More

September 15,

Time to sign up for fraud monitoring?

With the recent revelation that Equifax experienced a data breach from May to July of this year, and personal information for over 140 million people was at risk during that time, is it finally time to pay for some form of fraud monitoring service? The answer is "yes" it's time to sign up for a monitoring service, but "no" you don't have to pay for it (yet). Due to the data breach, Equifax now offers a free year of their TrustedID Premier Service that offers... Read More

August 31,

Private Banking-What is it?

Not long ago, during a routine annual review with a client, the term private banking came up. A blank look came across the clients face, as I asked them if they knew that HFG offered private banking services and understood the difference between private banking and retail banking. It occurred to me that over the last 12-24 months, much has changed at HFG Trust. First, in 2016, we partnered with Community First Bank and formed a State Chartered Trust Company. Then, in 2017, we formalized... Read More

August 23,

Social Security Spousal Claiming Strategy

Great reminder from Social Security expert, Elaine Floyd for individuals who are grandfathered in, and have the opportunity to file a restricted application for a spousal benefit while receiving delayed retirement credits for their own personal retirement benefit. “It is still possible for some clients to receive a spousal benefit while their own benefit builds delayed credits. To do this, they must “restrict the scope of the application,” also known as filing a... Read More